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How to unwind over the Christmas Holidays

The countdown to Christmas has begun and that not only means time spent with family and friends, but also a well deserved break from routine.

It’s important to make sure you get a bit of R&R as a study by City University London has found that shunning work over the holiday plays a “critical role in preventing teacher burnout and exhaustion.”

So snub the marking and lessons plans and check out our top tips for making sure you leave your work in the classroom.

First things first
Use the last week of December to get your January school prep done. Plan as much as you can in advance, to avoid having to do this over the holidays.

It’s all in the planning
Write a list of all the things you’d like to achieve during the break. From household chores you’ve been putting off, to visiting relatives you’ve not seen for a while…. Keep the list short and simple as you don’t want to be weighed down by too many plans and deadlines. Writing a to do list lets you visualise what you need to get done and helps you to truly relax.

Now you’re talking
Teachers tend to socialise a lot with other teachers and this can mean you often find yourself taking shop. Try focusing conversation on other, neutral topics to keep your mind off work.

Zone out
Unfortunately, there is always a temptation to check your emails over the holidays – especially when you can receive notifications 24/7 direct to your phone. Turn off your emails and distract yourself with other activities or hobbies.

If you can’t tear yourself away, set aside a specific time to check your emails so they don’t interrupt your personal time.

Focus on fitness
Physical exercise is important. Not only is it an excellent way to relieve stress, but it also helps set you up for the rest of the day.

And relax…
You’re entitled to a lie in. Catch up on the missed sleep from the previous term and take this opportunity to recharge your batteries.

Teachers are used to putting others’ needs before your own. Stop for a minute and learn to take a little time for yourself.