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Stationery Spotlight: Rainbow Glitter Glu

What is Bositk’s Rainbow Glitter Glu?
Bostik Rainbow Glitter Glu is the fast, easy and clean way to add glitter to cards, pictures, posters and paper models.

Classroom consumption
Ideal as a quick and easy application of glitter, students can use Bostik Rainbow Glitter Glu to fill shapes, write words, draw fancy borders and lots more! As well as decorative purposes, the glue can also be used for sticking down items – ideal if it’s going to be seen through parchment paper or acetate sheets.

It’s even good for teachers when sprucing up classroom displays and decorations.

Technical advice
Rainbow Glitter Glu is safe to use in the classroom as it carries a CE Mark and has been designed to meet the stringent EC child safety legislation. The adhesive is non-toxic and solvent free and will easily wash out of clothing.