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Stationery Spotlight: Bostik Tape Discs

What are Bositk Tape Discs?
Bostik Tape Discs are single sided, ready-cut circles of sticky tape. The crystal clear discs stick instantly and there is no drying time required, making them perfectly suited to quick classroom crafts.

To use, simply peel the disc from the backing sheet and press to the surface you wish to stick. Make sure children are careful not to keep touching the adhesive side as it might make it less sticky!

Classroom consumption
The peel-off adhesive is a mess free way for children to secure art and craft materials in place. As the discs are already pre-cut into circles, no scissors are required, vastly improving safety, convenience and the amount of mess.

Activity inspiration:

  • Tape Discs can be used as a neat way to wrap gifts and parcels as well as fix ribbons and tags. Ideal for any upcoming Christmas activities you have planned.
  • Due to the transparent properties, Tape Discs are a discrete method of securing photographs, paper and other materials in place when creating scrapbooks and cards.
  • The discs are even good for teachers to use for sprucing up classroom displays and decorations, as well as sealing envelopes.

Technical advice
Bostik Tape Discs are acid and lignin free and branded with the CE Mark, making them safe for children to use in the classroom. They also leave no residue or discolouration to always provide a clean, neat finish.