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Reasons to get pedalling

Children love cycling. Riding a bike not only helps them to gain practical skills, but it can also help grow their confidence and independence.

Unfortunately, some children spend too much time indoors and not enough time outside being active. As an official partner of the Tour de France, Bostik is strengthening its cycling links and has highlighted some of the benefits that cycling can bring. Hopefully this can help to encourage your class to get pedalling this summer!

The freedom of two wheels
For children, one of the big draws of cycling is the freedom and independence it gives them. It’s a quick and easy way to get around and allows them a little bit of autonomy when riding to and from school. What’s more, according to cycling charity, Sustrans, those children who cycle to school are much more alert and ready to learn than those who are driven.

Improve fitness and mental health
It will come as no surprise that regular cyclists are as fit as an average person 10 years younger than themselves!* Cycling also has mental health benefits and has been proven to reduce stress, along with numerous medical studies highlighting how it can often be better than medical treatment.

In addition, riding a bike won’t just wear students out in the short-term, it’ll also help them get a good night’s sleep ready for school the next day.

A boost to the immune system
Riding a bike is a great form of exercise and even a moderate amount of cycling can boost immune systems. This is great for those sickly students who are always bringing colds into the classroom!

Reduce the risk of diseases
A study by the University of Glasgow looked at 260,000 individuals over a five-year duration and found that cycling a mere 30 miles a week could cut the risk of them developing heart disease or cancer in half!

Need another reason to get pedalling? We’re offering 100 lucky schools the chance to win a set of 50 Blu Tack reflective cycling bands! Head over to our competitions/prize draw page to find out how to enter.