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Preserve pupils’ artwork with a scrapbook

Throughout their school lives, children amass a huge amount of craft projects and art works. However, these are often taken home before they can be shown off, or only displayed on classroom walls for a limited amount of time.

Student’s artwork should be celebrated and kept as a keepsake for both parents and pupils. So, how about introducing a school scrapbook for each student? Laura Shiell, an arts leader at a primary school in Leamington Spa explains.

“Last term, I decided to start an art and design scrapbook. Each year group, from EYFS to Year 6, has one page of the scrapbook for each term of the school year. There are also pages for art clubs and arts committee projects.

“The scrapbook is made and updated by my pupil-led arts committee so that there is no additional workload for the teachers.”

This idea can be scaled to a scrapbook per year group, class or even one per child depending on the size of your school. You can add in each piece as it is or take photographs of the work to include. Comments from pupils and teachers can also be added.

This gives the opportunity for children to get creative and make something that will go with them throughout their life at primary school.

The scrapbooks can be kept on display for visitors to look through and taken home at the end of the school year so that past artworks are not forgotten.

Once established, the next step is to scan in the work to produce a digital scrapbook that can be hosted on the school’s website for parents to view.