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Playing outdoors is ‘fundamental’ to learning

50 influential institutions have signed up to a commitment to help playing and learning outdoors become a ‘fundamental part’ of growing up.

The Position Statement from Scotland’s Outdoor Play & Learning Coalition details the benefits of outdoor learning and play. It states that it ‘promotes mental, social and emotional wellbeing’ and helps to boost ‘creativity, imagination, and understanding’.

Signatories include the Scottish government, Education Scotland, the Care and Learning Alliance, Glasgow Science Centre, and the General Teaching Council for Scotland.

The statement also highlights other advantages of outdoor learning including the development of social skills, increasing self-esteem, and aiding a feeling of inclusion and belonging.

The coalition ultimately aims to ‘make the opportunity to play and learn outdoors a universal part of growing up in Scotland.’

This latest move follows an earlier announcement that the Scottish government would be providing funding to develop outdoor nurseries in eight local authorities.

The development was part of the national expansion of free childcare hours – a policy that has been applauded by education specialists.

What is your perspective on outdoor learning? Should the rest of the UK follow Scotland’s lead?

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