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Multiple benefits for students that study creative subjects

According to research published by the Cultural Learning Alliance, creative subjects such as art can be linked to many positive benefits for students.

These subjects have a large part to play in ensuring mental wellbeing according to studies conducted for the Mental Health Green Paper. Participation in creative activities can massively benefit mental wellbeing and with young people being more vulnerable to anxiety and depression now more than ever before, developing an interest in the creative subjects is vital.

It isn’t just mental health that the arts can impact. According to a briefing paper released by the CLA and the Edge Foundation, creative industries are growing at twice the UK economy base rate, and the workforce growth sits at four times the national average. In addition to training students for work in these sectors, key skills developed through art subjects, such as decision-making, originality and teamwork, are seen to be some of the most important transferrable skills valued by UK employers.

Art plays a key part in the creative landscape for students and getting them involved early can help to develop an interest that can shape their future.