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Five children’s books that promote creativity

Inspiring creativity in students is a highlight of any teacher’s job. But sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of a helping hand. So, we’ve put together a list of books aimed at younger readers which all help to instil the idea of creativity. And, yes, we did enjoy reading these books a little bit too much!

The Art Book For Children

This book, by design publisher Phaidon, is the ideal introduction to the wonderful world of art. It features reproductions of famous works, with explanations that are straightforward and fun.


A book for younger readers, this story by Peter H Reynolds follows Ramon as he experiences the highs and lows of creating his own art. A great book to broach the subject of criticism and artistic ability.

Arnie The Doughnut

An excellent introduction to creative problem solving, this lovely book by Laurie Keller is a real joy. Arnie is (as you might have guessed) a doughnut, and he has to convince Mr. Bing not to eat him. As you can imagine, the story quickly escalates into various amusing situations.

What Do You Do With An Idea?

This beautiful little book by Kobi Yamada shows us how to live with, grow, and explore new ideas. The story is inspiring and quite emotional (in a good way). We might have shed a tear or two! The illustrations by Mac Besom are just stunning, too.

Colorful Dreamer

We learnt so much from this book! Telling the story of Henri Matisse, Colorful Dreamer by Marjorie Blain Parker links creativity with the idea of pursuing your passion even through hard times.

What are the books that you find most inspiring for children?