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Firework Fun! Top ten Bonfire Night crafts

Remember, remember the 5th of November, The Gunpowder Treason and plot! There’s no better opportunity during the year to make an outlandishly colourful display, so to make the most of this time, we’ve put together our list of the best schoolroom activities to set your classroom alight.

1. Houses of Parliament sgraffito

Houses of Parliament
Here at Bostik HQ we have created our very own Bonfire Night scene using wax crayons layered with black poster paint, which students can then scratch off in their own artistic design to reveal the colourful wax. This activity is easy to create and looks really effective. Download Resource

2. Splatter the Skies

Splatter the Skies
Kids will enjoy getting a little bit messy with this Paint Splatter Firework display from NetMums. Make sure you’ve got aprons and tablecloths at the ready for this one!

3. Time to Sparkle

Sparkler Craft
Try your hand at these colourful sparklers from Kids Craft Room, made using tin foil, straws and cellophane. Youngsters will love the crackling sound of the foil when the sparklers are shaken.

4. Fruity Rockets

Fruity Rockets
Eats Amazing has created these tasty fruit rockets to celebrate bonfire night in snacking style – ideal for firework party food, or for popping into lunchboxes as a fun way to encourage youngsters to eat healthy foods.
Please remember to check with parents first over any dietary requirements.

5. Pinwheel Prints

Handprint Pinwheel
A great activity to keep the little ones entertained; get ‘hands-on’ with these hand-printed fireworks. Provide a variety of coloured paints for your pupils to choose from, and complete the look using Bostik’s Fine & Wide Glu pen, sprinkle with glitter and then shake off the excess!

6. Salt Spectacle

Salt Painting
Blogger, Busy Mommy, has used salt and watercolour paints to create this vibrant firework display. To simplify this project, you could use different coloured glitter to shake over the glue outline instead of painting salt.

7. In a spin

Catherine Wheel
Patti Crafts has created a range of colourful Catherine Wheels guaranteed to get students engaged. Find the full tutorial here.

8. There’s no smoke without fire

Cardboard Bonfire
What’s a firework display without a bonfire? Have a go at making a bonfire with your class using cardboard tubes, tissue paper, a paper plate and Bostik White Glu. Click here to see the full how to guide from Activity Bucket.

9. Racing Rockets

Light up the sky with this easy rocket craft activity. Encourage each student to choose a rocket colour and let them customise their creation with a variety of materials to replicate flames, such as tissue paper, pipe cleaners, foam shapes, or ribbon. Once complete, display your class’s creations against a black wall using Blu Tack to create a fantastic rocket ship spectacle.

10. No more Mr Nice Guy

Guy Fawkes
Without Guy Fawkes, November 5th would just be another day, so it would be rude to leave him off the list! Perhaps one for the older children, this 3D origami Guy Fawkes can be made using only card, scissors and Bostik Blu Stick. Download the template from Twinkl now.