Frequently Asked Questions

What age range is Blu Tack suitable for?

Blu Tack is great for both children and adults, however we advise not giving it to children under the age of three.

What surfaces can Blu Tack stick to?

Blu Tack can be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic, as well as painted surfaces and vinyl coated wallpaper.

When will Blu Tack stick best?

Surfaces must be clean and dry, and free from grease or loose materials to work best. If a room or surface conditions are too hot (over 70°C), Blu Tack will soften and become more difficult to secure items in place.

Is swallowing Blu Tack dangerous?

Blu Tack is a non-toxic, non-harmful substance and will not cause any problems if swallowed, only mild discomfort. If any discomfort experienced continues, we recommend seeking medical advice.

How much weight can Blu Tack hold?

0.5 grams of Blu Tack will hold an approximate 105-gram load, but Blu Tack is not designed to hold heavy objects.

Does the colour of Blu Tack stain hands or clothing?

Blu Tack will not stain your skin or leave any residue. It can stick to clothing but can be successfully removed by using a bigger blob of Blu Tack to help dab it off. We do not recommend washing clothes with Blu Tack on, as the heat will soften the Blu Tack, making it more difficult to remove.

Where is best to store Blu Tack?

Pop it in a tightly closed container in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location.

Can you buy Blu Tack in different colours?

Blu Tack is also available in white and pink, and Bostik occasionally do limited edition packs containing a range of colours. In previous years they have made yellow, red and green tack.