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Christmas Crafts for the Classroom

With Christmas only a few weeks away, it’s likely that your lesson plans have gone out the window as over-excited pupils prepare for the festive season.

But don’t worry; we’re here to help. We have a range of craft activities you can create with your students to help deck your classroom in time for Christmas.

Advent calendars
Building up anticipation to the Christmas break is the majority of the fun! Get all students involved in the countdown with a class-made advent calendar. Create your own traditional treasure each day, or try something a little different such as giving each child a cotton ball to add to Santa’s beard until the big day!

santabeard-calendar adventcalendar

Elf yourself
Using our Christmas elf template, let the children “elf themselves” and use them as part of a Santa’s workshop display. Download the resource here.


Rocking around the Christmas tree
These effective cone Christmas trees are simple to make and an easy way to use up the extra materials you have lying around the craft corner before the holidays. They are a great activity for students and produce an eye-catching display to make you peers envious.


Deck the halls
Using a variety of coloured, patterned and festive-themed paper, let your class have a go at making these wrapping paper baubles.


Snowflake window decorations
These snowflakes are simple and easy to make using lollipop sticks. Crack out the sequins, glitter, buttons and beads to add decoration.

Put these up by the window using a blob of Blu Tack for a festive winter window display.